Slipcoat™ IRC™ Nothing sticks to us

Slipcoat IRC™ is 99.8% Biodegradable and is certified USDA Bio-preferred.

Slipcoat IRC™ is an all purpose, industrial, non-stick coating designed for use on most hard surfaces to eliminate mud, clay, tar, asphalt, concrete, ice/ snow and waste products.

When applied as directed to the clean, dry surface of all types of equipment, this product prevents buildup of materials caused by sticking and/or freezing.

Slipcoat IRC™ is a lubricious substance that penetrates the surface forming a long lasting preventative barrier. It has been used effectively in the most temperature extreme outdoor weather conditions of -40º degrees temperature to above 100º F and 100% humidity for over 10 years.


Global Barrier Services, Inc. has been producing and supplying leading edge, environmentally friendly non-stick and anti-corrosion products to the global mining, asphalt paving and heavy construction industries for more than 10 years. GBS is now offering the same patented technology that has been proven in the most extreme environments and challenging applications in the world to the consumer market.