Slipcoat™ FCS™ 55 Gallon Drum Industrial


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Slipcoat™ FCS™

Nothing sticks to us

  • Slipcoat™ FCS™ is a non-stick coating product designed specifically for use in the processing, handling, and transportation of food-grade materials and the animal feed/nutrition industries.  Slipcoat™ FCS™ is ideal for preventing sticking/freezing and reducing maintenance/cleaning requirements for a wide variety of surfaces, from processing equipment and vats/bins to tanker cars and ship holds.


    Slipcoat™ FCS™ is a propriety, patent-pending formulation that is NSF Certified for use on food contact surfaces and is 100% made in the USA.


    Some benefits of using Slipcoat™ FCS™ include:


    *           100% biodegradable and NSF Certified for use on food contact surfaces\

    *           Significantly reduces buildup caused by sticking and/or freezing on all types of equipment surfaces

    *           Provides a protective film that helps inhibit rust and corrosion

    *           Non-permanent – use only when needed

    *           Increase productivity, decrease operational costs, and increase equipment lifespan


    Some equipment examples include:


    *           Truck Boxes

    *           Tanker Trucks

    *           Rail Cars

    *           Ship Holds

    *           Processing & Mixing Equipment

    *           Bins & Vats

    *           Chutes

    *           Loaders

    *           Roll Off Boxes

    *           Hoppers

Use only as directed. Intentional misuse could be harmful. 

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