• Slipcoat™ IRC™ 55 Gallon Drum Industrial


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    Slipcoat IRC™

    Nothing sticks to us

    Slipcoat IRC™ is 99.8% Biodegradable and is certified USDA Bio-preferred.

    Slipcoat™ IRC™ is an all-purpose, industrial, non-stick coating designed for use on most hard surfaces to eliminate mud, clay, tar, asphalt, concrete, ice/ snow and waste products.

    When applied as directed to the clean, dry surface of all types of equipment, this product prevents the buildup of materials caused by sticking and/or freezing.

    Slipcoat™ IRC™ is a lubricious substance that penetrates the surface forming

    a long-lasting preventative barrier. It has been used effectively in the most temperature extreme outdoor weather conditions of -40º degrees temperature to above 100º F and 100% humidity for over 10 years.

    Additional benefits:

    • inhibits corrosion and rust
    • increases lubricity
    • reduces maintenance and extends equipment life
    • decreases operational costs
    • no negative effects on equipment or painted surface
    • non hazardous / non-toxic; no harmful fumes or vapors

    • Do not apply to engine or tailpipe 
    • Do not apply to tires
    • Do not apply outdoor grills or cooking utensils
    • Do not apply to food 
    • Do not eat

    Use only as directed. Intentional misuse could be harmful. 

    slipcoatIRC Brochure 

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